TD91: Bungling The 34-Hour Rule

[box]Listen to the audio version and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Or enter into your favorite podcast app. Download the intro/outro songs for free! courtesy of Walking On Einstein Mystery Feedback Song – Only a cheater would click this before listening to the podcast! You aren’t a cheater, are you?[/box] I totally goofed…

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TD35: No Guarantees In Trucking

The trucking industry might offer you a lot of things, but guarantees aren’t one of them. There’s plenty of “we’ll do what we can’s” and “let’s see how it pans out” type statements, but nothing is set in stone. I think “set in pudding” is closer to the mark. [box]Listen to the audio version above…

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TD30: The Salad Bar Psycho

Okay readers. I need some help figuring this one out. The Evil Overlord and I had an even weirder, and scarier encounter than my last post. We’ve come up with a theory, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. And so the story begins… [box]Listen to the audio version above and subscribe to the podcast…

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