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TD153: Truckers And Tax Time

(c) Can Stock Photo / lobzik Podcast Show Notes In today’s show, we discuss truckers and their taxes in an interview with Mason War, CEO and Co-Founder of COS Accounting & Tax. Mason has some tax advice for all truckers as the tax deadline looms. He also explains the pros and cons of being a…

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How To Prevent Your HVUT Form 2290 From Getting Rejected

This is a guest post by Allison Barfield, a.k.a. Alli McTrucks, Content Manager for TruckLogics and ExpressTruckTax.During the month of August most people generally relax in the heat to the sound of a chorus of buzzing crickets making a rich summertime melody, only made sweeter by the fact that fall is around the corner. Soon they can enjoy cooler…

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