TD73: Oh Boy. Another Birthday. Yay.

My birthday was August 19 and this year it came up on me like the Millennium Falcon would come up on a Yugo with bad spark plugs. It passed just as quick. As usual, it was nothing special. No big party. Nothing to write home about; although I could have, since I didn’t even manage…

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TD51: Sucking It Up

@WilsonHines is a guy I met on Twitter a while back. I’ve discovered that when it comes to Wilson, I’m clearly breaking the 10th commandment. That’s the one that says: Thou shall not covet. Wilson and I have similar plans for our lives. He wants to get out of trucking and get a degree. I…

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TD33: Automatic Or Manual Truck Transmission?

Did you know that it’s possible for an untrained person to crawl into an 18-wheeler and take off down the road? They could even do it if they’ve never driven a car with a stick shift. Granted, this brave soul might run every car off the road because of the raw size of the thing….

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