iTruckers: A Slack Community For Apple-Junkie Truckers

Are you a trucker? Do you own Apple products or are you thinking of switching from the dark side? 😉 Have questions about the Apple world?  If so, we need your help getting a new Slack community started. According to the Slack website, the service is “Team communication for the 21st century.” Well that sounds…

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TD83: A Trucker Visits Carhenge

As a trucker for nearly 15 years, I’ve traveled all across the United States and parts of Canada. Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to explore many things. Yet, for the most part, I haven’t. Why not? Well, it basically comes down to one thing: I can be a lazy tightwad when I put…

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TD41: Trucking In The Northeast

I’ve been needling the west coast for quite a while now. First, there was my blog post about Oregonians called “Too Stupid to Fuel?” Then, on Twitter I’ve been bashing California and Oregon for their ridiculous 55 mph truck speed limits. Washington state isn’t much  better at 60 mph. Now let me aim my shotgun…

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