TD60: Truckers vs. Cops vs. DOT vs. Carriers

There is a constant unseen battle going on in the trucking industry. It’s like the movie “Alien vs. Predator,” only with two more factions that rear back their ugly heads and roar. Perhaps someone should make a massive online video game about it. It could be called Truckers vs. Cops vs. DOT vs. Carriers. I’d…

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TD16: A Miracle In Indiana

[box]Listen to the audio version above and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Or enter into your favorite podcast app. Download the intro/outro songs for free!¬†courtesy of¬†Walking On Einstein¬†[/box] I’m a believer in God and I believe in miracles. They are around us everyday. According to the laws of physics, a bumblebee’s wings are…

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