Win $2500 Or A Road King Bluetooth Headset!

Unfortunately, you’re too late. This contest has expired. RoadPro Family of Brands recently announced the Road King Me Sweepstakes. The contest started on May 1, 2018 and they will be giving away one RoadKing Bluetooth headset every day. And on July 1, they’ll be announcing the grand prize winner of $2500 in RoadPro Rewards points,…

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TD84: TV Casting Call For A New Show About Truckers

In my 15 years of watching truck drivers interact with waitresses, cashiers, shipping clerks, forklift drivers, mechanics, and heck, even other truckers, I’ve discovered that 99% of truckers think they’re in some way either, funny, amusing, interesting, unique, extremely handsome, or most likely, all of the above. Sadly, a big chunk of us aren’t any…

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