Free Stuff!!!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Free Info: How To Axle Out A Load

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This is a 1-page PDF explaining how to axle out a load. It includes smart scaling practices, legal weight limits, axling tips, and a nifty diagram showing you how your axle weights are affected by sliding either the 5th wheel or the tandems. Grab it now, print a copy, and keep it as a handy-dandy guide! If you don’t need it, go ahead and print a few copies so you’ll be prepared the next time you see a clueless rookie driver.

Free Info: Winter Driver Heater Settings (from an Alaskan trucker)

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This is a 1-page PDF describing the best methods to keep your windshield free of ice and snow. This information comes from Kevin Lowery and was part of our conversation in TD119: Winter Truck Driving Tips From An Alaskan Trucker.

Free Info: Copy Of DOT Medical Exam Forms

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You’re probably thinking “What the heck?” This little document might come in handy if you aren’t in great health and you’re wondering what medical parameters your doctor is going to be looking for during your next DOT physical. Or you could just quit smoking and eating like it’s your last meal, and not have to worry about it. Downloading these forms sounds like a lot less work though.

Free Song: Ignorant Citizen by Walking On Einstein

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This song is used in the intro of the world-famous Trucker Dump podcast. Pshhhht. You may notice that I had to slow down the podcast clip a bit to suit my needs. The intro music is made up from two clips of the song: the very beginning and the very end. I double-dog-dare you to try to hear where I spliced the two together!

Free Song: American Dream by Walking On Einstein

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Bit rate: 256 kbps

This song is used at the end of the Trucker Dump podcast, as I’m signing off. This was a breeze to put together. I just faded it in at the right spot and the band did the rest. Thankfully, this song has a reeeeeeally long ending.