TD7: Life Is Crap

Watch out! The Life is good.® people have got some competition. The Evil Overlord and I were in a truck stop near Missoula, Montana when we ran across an entire...

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TD8: When Your Truck Hates You

As of now I’m thoroughly convinced that our truck hates us.  If you’ve been following this blog, you are well aware of the myriad of mechanical problems we’ve been...

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TD9: A Trucker’s Gotta Be Flexible

When it comes to scheduling and time management, there’s one sure thing about trucking. If you want to be a successful trucker, you must have the flexibility of a...

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TD10: When Company Policy Overrides Common Sense

Anyone who has heard me speak of trucking knows that I always recommend the large national carriers to new drivers. I’ve got many reasons for doing so, but that...

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TD11: The Insanity Of Truck Idling Laws

I know I said my next post would be about dispatchers, but I’ve got something fresh on my mind; mainly because it’s happening right now. So please humor me....

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TD12: A Lazy Day

[box]Listen to the audio version above and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Or enter http://abouttruckdriving.com/truckerdump.xml into your favorite podcast app. Download the intro/outro songs for free! courtesy of Walking On...

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