TD41: Trucking In The Northeast

I’ve been needling the west coast for quite a while now. First, there was my blog post about Oregonians called “Too Stupid to Fuel?” Then, on Twitter I’ve been bashing California and Oregon for their ridiculous 55 mph truck speed limits. Washington state isn’t much ¬†better at 60 mph. Now let me aim my shotgun…

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TD40: The Power Of The Patch

Despite what truckers (including myself) say, most automobile drivers are good drivers. Despite what the media says, most truck drivers are extremely safety conscious. It’s true what The Osmond’s sang, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl.” Or guy, whichever you may be. The same goes for the subject of today’s blog: Security…

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TD38: Trucking “Roles”

Dispatchers catch a lot of hell. Sometimes they deserve it; sometimes not. However, more often, I’m thinking that it’s the Planners that deserve to be flogged in the town square; not the dispatchers.¬†Before I explain my loathing of Planners, perhaps I should lay out the job descriptions of each of the parties involved. At least…

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