TD194: Knight-Swift Buys U.S. Xpress, Daylight Savings Time Challenged, Truckers Given Stoplight Priority, Bad Choice For Secretary Of Labor, What To Do With Old Tires, Possibly The World’s Tiniest Trucker, & More

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TD194: Knight-Swift Buys U.S. Xpress, Daylight Savings Time Challenged, Truckers Given Stoplight Priority, Bad Choice For Secretary Of Labor, What To Do With Old Tires, Possibly The World’s Tiniest Trucker, & More

In this week’s news, Knight-Swift buys yet another large carrier, daylight savings time is being debated in Congress for the millionth time, a Congressman calls the Secretary of Labor nominee the “worst choice.” We’ll find out why. We’ll discuss a new technology that could possibly give truckers priority at stop lights, a safety coalition calls for big safety changes, we’ll discuss what happens to a tire when it finally dies, I’ll tell you about lots of new truck stops opening (better get your shot glass out), what possibly might be the world’s tiniest trucker, and it appears that the public want more truck parking (just not anywhere near their house). All that and more news.

Plus in the listener feedback segment, you weigh in on truckers wanting praise above all else, we’ll learn more about how these “best fleets” lists work (I knew there was something fishy going on there), and one listener wants to talk about a few things; how stupid parking on a shoulder is, his tolerance level for breakdowns, and of course, he takes a shot at me for making a bad guess as what CBP stands for. And we’ll follow that up with a bummer-of-a-story to end on a rare sad note. But it’s something that needs to be said, so please stay tuned.

So without further ado, let’s get this thing rolling.

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News Links:

Daylight saving time topic of bills across country from

Knight-Swift acquiring U.S. Xpress for more than $800 million from (Commercial Carrier Journal)

U.S. Xpress driver proves you don’t have to be big to drive a big rig from (Commercial Carrier Journal)

Decline in truck transportation jobs 3rd biggest in last decade from

Americans value truck parking facilities — but not in their backyards from

Highway safety group calls for speed limiters on trucks, rolling back 2020 HOS changes, more from

Drivewyze adds Pennsylvania to weigh station bypass network from

Forward Air, Kodiak Robotics operating ‘consistent autonomous trucking service’ between Dallas, Atlanta from

UPS, Teamsters expected to ink deal no later than June 30 from

White House reportedly fast-tracking California’s plans to phase out diesel engines from

Department of Labor nominee ‘worst choice,’ congressman says from

Tire Sustainability Remains Top Priority for Industry from (Transport Topics)

Texas-based project would give freight trucks priority at red lights from (Commercial Carrier Journal)

Love’s opens three truck stops in Florida, Texas, and Indiana, reopens store closed by fire from

New TA Express location opens in Tennessee from

Busy Tennessee TA location to close by end of March from

Robotics firm Mujin unveils automated unloader at ProMat from

Listener Feedback Links:

TD95: 4 Reasons That Trucker Might Be Tailgating You from

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