TD192: Roadcheck Safety Blitz Dates Announced, Canada Gets Funding For New Truckers, A New Way To Unload Freight, Big Truck Crash Study Coming, & More

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TD192: Roadcheck Safety Blitz Dates Announced, Canada Gets Funding For New Truckers, FMCSA Gets More Exemption Requests, Big Truck Crash Study Coming, & More

In today’s show, I’ll tell you when the biggest safety blitz of the year will take place, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) asks the FMCSA for a better Big Truck Crash Study this time around, more rules exemptions are being sought from the FMCSA, new “move over” laws are coming in some states, Canada provides funding to get more truckers into the industry, a new loading/unloading system is introduced by a major LTL company, and a truck pulls a semi out of a ditch. Spoiler: it’s not a tow truck.

Then for the fun part where we’ve got a Trucker Grub segment from @Wunuvakind, @TruckerSmack has a suggestion how the FMCSA could make the split sleeper berth rule easier for everyone, and once again, my ability to speak coherently is challenged, only this time it’s by @Goose from Australia.

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Wyoming I-80: Road crews face nightmare situation from

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New study shows majority of people fear automated vehicle technology from

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TD191: State Of The Union & Trucking, EV Rollout Not Going As Planned, FMCSA Stays Busy With Exemptions, TA’s New Restaurant, & More from is where @TruckerSmack heard me talking about the split sleeper berth rules.

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Here is the list of Australian cities that @goose has me try to pronounce:







Hervey Bay

Kata Tjuta

Suggan Buggan


See? Not so easy, is it?

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