TD191: State Of The Union & Trucking, EV Rollout Not Going As Planned, FMCSA Stays Busy With Exemptions, TA’s New Restaurant, & More

Podcast Show Notes

TD191: State Of The Union & Trucking, EV Rollout Not Going As Planned, FMCSA Stays Busy With Exemptions, TA’s New Restaurant, & More

In today’s show, we’ll talk about how the trucking industry was a hot topic at the State of the Union address, we’ll talk about how this futuristic trucking world isn’t working out quite as expected, the FMCSA is staying busy receiving and rejecting exemption requests, I’ll tell you about a new restaurant chain at TA truck stops, and I’ll point you to a funny article written in a style you used to get here.

In the listener feedback segment, we’ll talk weigh station apps, worn out tires, how “best trucking fleet” criteria works, and I’ll point you to another trucking podcast I listened to recently that was recommended by a listener. And after much guilt-driven goading, I finally talk a listener into submitting a Trucker Grub segment. Well… sort of. Stay tuned.

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News Links:

Perspective: State of the Union Highlights Trucking from (Transport Topics)

ATA President: California should not set nation’s emissions standards from

Can charging infrastructure keep pace with EV demand? from

Nikola says it may run out of money in next 12 months from

Reports: Autonomous platooning startup Locomation closing its doors from

Why FMCSA keeps revoking ELDs, and how to tell if yours is next from

FMCSA rejects another HOS exemption, as split-sleeper flexibility sought from

Submit your comments on the 5/5 split sleeper berth

Brake light manufacturer and fleets seek factory-level exemption from (Commercial Carrier Journal)

Trucking company wants to use learner’s permit holders for apprentice program from

Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program from

Lane splitting rules pursued in multiple statehouses from

TA debuts new full-service restaurant concept ‘Fork & Compass’ at Ohio truck stop from

Fork & Compass menu

‘We don’t give directions’ — how GPS is changing our social selves from

Over the Road: an 8-episode podcast by Long Haul Paul and PRX

Trucker Grub Links:

JD Campbell’s in Peoria, AZ (Phoenix area)

Listener Feedback Links:

Best Fleets To Drive For’s Hall of Fame criteria PDF submitted by Cici

Trucking for Millennials Podcast recommended by David Taylor

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