TD190: BP Buys TA, New State Traffic Laws, Truck Stop News, Preparing For Weigh Stations, Right To Repair Trucks, What Your Tires Can Tell You, & More

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TD190: BP Buys TA, New State Traffic Laws, Truck Stop News, Preparing For Weigh Stations, Right To Repair Trucks, What Your Tires Can Tell You, & More

In this week’s show, we’ve got lots of truck stop news, I’ll tell you the top 10 worst traffic bottlenecks in the US, we’ve got a crap ton of new state traffic laws, the FMCSA is revamping the way it rates carriers for safety, I’ll share tips to get you in and out of a weigh station quickly, and we’ll talk about what your tires are trying to tell you.

Also, there’s a new “AirBnb” for trucks (yes trucks, not truckers), there’s a new type of CB radio on the market, we’ll discuss how new Right to Repair legislation is important, and a trucker gets arrested for eating muffins. And that’s only part of the news.

In the listener feedback segment, Andrew remembers our dearly departed friend Shannon Holden, Gordon joins the Trucker Dump Slack group, Dave finally figures out what the guy says in the feedback intro, and ex truck driving instructor calls me Toddles and offers his services to the podcast.

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News Links:

1099 or W-2? Which type of driver is best to grow your fleet? from (Commercial Carrier Journal)

TravelCenters of America to be bought by BP for $1.3 billion from

New TA Express store open for business in Georgia from

New TA Express opens in Norwood, Mo. from

Iowa Kwik Star is at the top of ranking of 100 best truck stops in 2022 from

Love’s and Daimler team up to expand Freightliner service points from

New site to reserve truck parking something of an ‘AirBnB’ network for facilities from

One Plus ELD becomes third in two weeks to be revoked by FMCSA from

Cobra unveils first line of FM-capable CB radios from

Texas again home to the worst traffic in the U.S. from (Commercial Carrier Journal)

U.S. DOT expected to take up automatic emergency braking in March from

Right to Repair legislation to cover future tech reintroduced in Congress from

OOIDA questions FMCSA’s emergency declaration proposal from

AASHTO, state DOTs voice concerns over emergency declaration limits from

With growing EV adoption, car haulers call for higher weight limits from

Idling rules considered in multiple states from

New Mexico considers banning big rigs from the left lane from

TD66: Truckers Go Turtle Racing from

Ticket camera rules addressed in at least 19 states from

How you can prepare to ace a weigh station inspection from

FMCSA proposes long-overdue CSA carrier Safety Measurement System revamp from

Tire wear patterns telling of overall truck maintenance from

Confessions of a self-driving truck from

ATRI launches survey to understand impacts of marijuana legalization from

Trucker to receive $500,000 for wrongful “loitering” arrest while making delivery, eating muffins from

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