TD188: A Trucker’s Breakdown Saga, Tax Credits For Truckers, New Roundabout Rules, Bird Poop Vs. Autonomous Truck, & More

Podcast Show Notes

TD188: A Trucker’s Breakdown Saga, Tax Credits For Truckers, New Roundabout Rules, Bird Poop Vs. Autonomous Truck, & More

Well, the news is light this week, so we’re trying something different again. We’ve been teasing a mega breakdown saga from listener Wunuvakind in recent weeks and it turned out to be far too long for the listener feedback segment. So, I’m sure much to her surprise, Wunuvakind’s story is featured on the show. I enjoyed it immensely and I hope you do to.

As for the news, we talk about a new bill pushing tax credits for most truckers, new roundabout rules, CARB is slowing it’s electric truck expectations, and an autonomous truck gets sidelined by bird poop. All those stories, plus more.

In the listener feedback segment, Charles, Farley, and William all just want to say hi, Driver Dave is back to scolding me again, and Cici shares her favorite Trucker Dump episodes.

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News Links:

Drummer for iconic rock band with Overdrive ties dies from

Vehicle protests will be ‘dismantled’ during Freedom Convoy anniversary from

SHIP IT Act aims to boost supply chain from

VA weigh station banning overnight parking “due to increasing incidents of littering, vandalism, and unsanitary practices” from

States pursue roundabout rules for trucks from

CARB Proposes Exemptions for Transitions to Electric Trucks from (Transport Topics)

Trucker Path survey: 24% prefer to return home every night from

Bird poop was enough to disable a self-driving truck, driver claims – Trevor Dunkel from

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TD109: Coping With Rookie Truckers from

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