TD183: Harassement In Trucking, Bad Weather Driving, Electric Truck Snafus, Legislating Bathrooms, & More

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TD183: Harassement In Trucking, Bad Weather Driving, Electric Truck Snafus, Legislating Bathrooms, & More

In this week’s trucking news, you’ll get winter driving tips from experienced drivers and you’ll learn if your employer can retaliate if you refuse to drive in bad weather. We’ll hear about the Department of Labor getting an earful about the newly-proposed rules on who qualifies as an independent contractor. California emissions Nazis are reeking havoc again, and we discover yet another chink in the electric truck armor.

Canada is finally getting ready for electronic logging devices, the FMCSA seeks to modify emergency exemptions, the crazy high harassment numbers in the trucking industry, and finally, a trucker’s rights to bathrooms goes to Congress and one trucker who really loves Kelly Clarkson! And it’s Christmas, so of course I’ll share my rendition of Twas The Night Before Christmas: Trucker Style. Might what to earmuff your kids for that one. LOL

As for listener feedback, @wunuvakind and @goose from the Trucker Dump Slack group weigh in on the new format of the show, and @goose also gives us some insight and additional tips on the winter pileup story we covered in the last episode. And last but not least, we hear a funny delivery story from Driver Dave.

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News Links:

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Video: Are truckers protected from retaliation for refusing to drive in bad weather? from

Department of Labor proposal generates tens of thousands of comments from

Trucking groups, owner-ops generally opposed to Biden DOL’s contractor rule changesfrom

Nearly 80,000 active trucks could be barred from operating in California at year-endfrom

Tesla Semi’s cab design makes it a ‘completely stupid vehicle,’ trucker says from (suggested by @Cici)

Cold weather is zapping electric truck range from (Commercial Carrier Journal)

Canadian ELD mandate set for Jan. 1 enforcement deadline from

FMCSA proposing to limit scope of emergency declarations from

Harassment high in trucking industry, new FMCSA study on crime prevention showsfrom

New legislation provides bathroom access for truck drivers from

Pop star files restraining order against trucker who believes she’s messaging him from

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