TD182: Railroad Strike Avoided, Facebook Discriminates Against Female Truckers, Good/Bad Changes By States & FMCSA, & More

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TD182: Railroad Strike Avoided, Facebook Discriminates Against Female Truckers, Good/Bad Changes By States & FMCSA, & More

This week, we’re going to discuss Congress’ controversial intercession in the pending railroad strike, also, both the FMCSA and individual states are making it harder for truckers in some aspects, and easier in others, Facebook seems to be discriminating against female truckers when it comes to trucking jobs, I’ll tell you about a government funded research grant that might actually yield something useful for a change of pace, and to keep you out of trouble, we’ll also talk about what you need to know about counting the costs before you go into owning your own truck and what you should do if you find yourself in one of those massive weather-related pileups.

All that plus more news, and a couple of listener feedbacks from Steve and Trailrider. Steve shares his honest opinion about new format of the show, while Trailrider asked me a question about the 60 hours in 7 days vs. the 70 hours in 8 days, that frankly, I need your help answering.

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News Links:

Recall affects nearly 26,000 Navistar vehicles from

San Antonio Flying J destroyed in fire sparked at attached Denny’s from

Two West Virginia Turnpike travel plazas to close for demolition in early 2023, will be rebuilt with more truck parking from

Proposed toll increase for New York Thruway ‘outrageous,’ says state legislator from

Texas bill would end red-light camera use from

Idling time limit for cars and trucks topic of New Jersey bill from

Tesla Semi completes first 500-mile journey with full load from

Senate votes to force labor agreement on rail workers — minus sick leave from

Senate Passes Measure to Avoid Rail Strike from (Transport Topics)

Senators to EPA: Truckers can’t afford to comply with strict emissions regulations from

FMCSA rejects work-rule exemption for livestock haulers from

TCA, safety groups push for ELD mandate on older trucks from

FMCSA again waives certain CDL skills test requirements from

Research to look into driving behavior around commercial motor vehicles from

Facebook Job Ads Illegally Discriminate, Female Truckers Claim from (Transport Topics)

What should you do if you’re in a snow squall pileup? from

Know the full extent of your costs before going independent from

OOIDA members raise over $20,000 through Truckers for Troops from

Students need to prep to apply for an OOIDA scholarship from

St. Christopher touts success of smoking cessation program from

Listener Feedback:

Steve wrote in with some much-appreciated constructive criticism.

Trailrider and I need your help understanding the logic behind the difference between the 60 hours in 7 days rule and the 70 hours in 8 days rule.

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