TD181: Struggling LTL Industry, Eco-Friendly Truck Solutions And Problems, Healthcare For Truckers, European HOS Explained, & More

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TD181: Struggling LTL Industry, Eco-Friendly Truck Solutions And Problems, Healthcare For Truckers, European HOS Explained, & More

In today’s show, we’re going to talk about the struggling LTL industry and what makes it so finicky. We’ll discuss new ways to make trucks more eco-friendly and the problems that come with trying to charge all these proposed electric trucks. I’ll also give you an update on the potential railroad strike, a new healthcare option for truckers, and for a change of pace, some good results from the Brake Safety Week blitz.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got another Trucker Grub segment and two bits of listener feedback, one domestic and one international. How cool is that?

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Introduction Links:

TD119: Winter Truck Driving Tips From An Alaskan Trucker from

Free Info: Winter Driver Heater Settings (from an Alaskan trucker) from

News Links:

Roughly nine of 10 trucks passed Brake Safety Week from

Rail union pushes back date for potential strike from

FedEx Freight to begin driver furloughs next month from

LTL carriers point to shrinking tonnage in November from

What are the complexities in LTL linehaul transportation? from

Electric truck stops will need as much power as small towns from

Electric Truck Stops Will Need as Much Power as a Small Town from

Pilot and Volvo announce plan to build charging network for electric semis at truck stopsfrom

How ClearFlame intends to take ‘diesel fuel out of diesel engines’ from

Transport executives pool funds to launch roadside health care network from

Annual campaign raises truckers’ awareness to human trafficking from

Truckers Against Trafficking

Pilot Flying J truck stops to offer ‘first-ever Thanksgiving meal’ from

Love’s opens new truck stop in Ohio with 90 truck parking spaces from

Trucker Grub:

Trucker Smack shares his awesome breakfast scramble at Red Rooster Terminal (truck stop) in Olney, Illinois.

Listener Feedback:

LTL driver Jeremy thanks me for the show and asks to join the Trucker Dump Slack group.

Graeme drives in Scotland and the UK and wrote in to explain how Europe’s Hours-of-Service rules differ from the US.

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