TD179: Diesel Fuel Shortages, Crash Data Before/After ELD Mandate, Double Brokering Explained, & More

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TD179: Diesel Fuel Shortages, Crash Data Before/After ELD Mandate, Double Brokering Explained, & More

In today’s mega-episode, we talk about the looming diesel shortage, how autonomous vehicles are still moving forward, what crash data shows before and after the ELD mandate, how the FMCSA has been keeping really really busy, and Jeremy from our sponsor Porter Freight Funding explains double-brokering to us.

We’ve also got free meals for veterans, how union contract negotiations work, a unique approach to electric vehicle charging, and a massive truck recall for what seems like the least dangerous component on a truck. All that and more on today’s show, so kick your feet up (unless you’re driving) and let’s get this party started.

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Porter Freight Funding – So many services to offer, including Factoring, Dispatching, Freight Brokering, Fuel Cards, Insurance, and Compliance. Call 205-576-8257 to learn more.

Introduction Links:

Last week’s guest host Steven, has a TikTok channel where he likes to make things.

Steven also cohosted a show with me, TD111: Improving Our Reputation As Truckersfrom

Check out my in-depth review of the Garmin dēzl™ OTR1000.

News Links

Paccar recalls 76,492 trucks because digital dash can freeze from

Pilot to offer free meal for military service members and their families for Veterans Dayfrom

Pennsylvania bill would set up grant program for vehicle snow and ice scrapers from

Department of Labor extends worker classification comment period from

Locomotive machinist explains what’s at stake in rail contract negotiations from

Only 25 days of diesel left? What to make of low inventories from

The US Is Exporting Record Oil and Fuel Even as East Coast Faces Shortages from

FMCSA plans proposal on automated driving systems for 2023 from

FMCSA’s Hutcheson talks speed limiters on Land Line Now from

FMCSA says marijuana policy changes are ‘going to take a while’ from

FMCSA eyes rule to identify, remove unfit motor carriers from

ELDs and highway safety: Crashes, injuries and fatalities rise post-mandate from

Lytx Unveils Safety Solution for Parked Commercial Vehicles from (Transport Topics)

Michigan to Test Roads With Underground Coils for EV Charging from (Transport Topics)

Oklahoma law authorizes autonomous vehicles from

Embark Launches Nine Sites for Pilot Operations from (Transport Topics)

TravelCenters of America adds four truck stops, plans more from

Getting close to 65? Now’s the time to understand the realities around Medicare for health care needs from

VIDEO: How To Strap A Load from

VIDEO: Chaining vs. Strapping — When To Chain, When To Strap from

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