TD165: AB5 Aftermath, Chameleon Carriers, 5 Things Trucking Schools Don’t Teach, & More

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TD165: AB5 Aftermath, Chameleon Carriers, 5 Things Trucking Schools Don’t Teach, & More

On today’s show we’ve got lots on the aftermath of California’s AB5 law, broker reform, promoting women truckers, 5 things trucking schools don’t teach, concerns over Canada’s ELD mandate, road closures, and what the heck is a chameleon carrier? Plus lots more news, listener feedback, and what I’m pretty sure is the cheesiest outro I’ve done to date.

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News Links:

Autocar trucks added to widespread steering gear recall from

Drivers warned that I-94 in Detroit to shut down for seven days from

Can California Owner-Operators Work Around AB5 Independent Contractor Restrictions?from

Truckers at Oakland protest say ‘cargo won’t flow until AB5 goes’ from

California Congressmembers call on Gov. Newsom to repeal AB 5 for trucking from

Trade Groups Ask Newsom to Delay Enforcement of AB 5 from (Transport Topics)

House transportation committee passes truck parking legislation from

FMCSA’s speed limiters: Unsafe at any speed? from

ATA launches new program to address issues facing women in trucking from

TD141: Women In Trucking With Ellen Voie from

Broker reform: Should dispatch services be considered brokers? FMCSA’s comment request sparks debate from

Chameleon carriers pose threat to nation’s roadways from

Trucking association raises concerns over Canada’s ELD mandate from

5 Things Truck Driver Training Schools Don’t Teach | What To Do About It! from

Portland to consider banning the sale of diesel from

New program to add tire monitoring tech at 200 truck stops, tire data sent to fleet managers within 2 minutes from

Texas BBQ joint has a drive-thru for semi trucks from

Love’s opens new truck stop in Illinois with 70 truck parking spaces from

TravelCenters of America Hosts St. Christopher Truckers Relief Campaign from (Transport Topics)

Listener Feedback:

Matt a.k.a. @Mountain Matt sends in an “almost” Trucker Grub segment and thanks me for the podcast, the ebooks, and the Trucker Dump Slack Group.

Nathan, Rob, and Brandon all ask to join the Trucker Dump Slack Group.

Butare doesn’t miss one second of the podcast… ever!

Nick’s plan to go to trucking school have been delayed, but that doesn’t keep him from driving a truck. 😉

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