TD164: Government Overreach, EV Battery Issues, Trucker Movies, AB5, New Regulations, & More

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TD164: Government Overreach, EV Battery Issues, Tucker Movies, AB5, New Regulations, & More

This week we discuss autonomous yard trucks, new regulations, government overreach, a new trucker movie, more on AB5, the 15 best truck stops in the US, EV charging and battery issues, hot tires, what young people are looking for in trucking careers, and believe it or not, more safety blitzes.

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News Links:

Arkansas to kick off two week speeding crackdown from

Hundreds of truckers protest AB5 at Southern California’s busiest ports from

Refrigerated carriers combine as KLLM acquires Quest Global from

2290 tax filing season opened July 1. Here’s how to get ahead of the deadline from

Tire safety risks can rise with the temperature from

New trucking movie features a female driver in a battle against human traffickers to save a teen girl from

Younger Drivers Look Beyond Pay When Choosing Carriers, ATRI Finds from (Transport Topics)

Outrider ready to scale distribution yard autonomy from

Pilot and GM plan coast-to-coast EV fast-charging network from

First Responders Outline Concerns With EV Battery Fires from (Transport Topics)

A run at mobile CO2 capture, straight from the stacks — and growing markets for the gas from

DOT Sec Buttigieg Plans to Ignore Supreme Court Ruling and Target Truckers Using Diesel Engines, According to Wall Street Journal from

Pennsylvania passes new snow, ice removal law from

Trucking, supply chain groups press for end to redundant background checks from

The Top 15 Best Truck Stoops In America You Have To Visit from

Last day to leave comments on truck speed limiters

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