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TD162: Road Closures, AB5, DOT Bumpers, Sun Protection, Avoidable Tragedies, And More

Major road closures, government regulations on DOT bumpers, lease operators, and autonomous vehicles, plus protection from the sun, sadly, many deaths around the trucking industry, and more.

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News Links:

Major Louisville interstate closure begins next week from CDLLife.com

New Love’s brings 114 truck parking spaces to Arkansas from CDLLife.com

CAT Scale Roll Out of Digitally Signed Scale Tickets from CDLLife.com

3 Free Apps Every Trucker Should Have from AboutTruckDriving.com

New Fuel Taxes Kick in July 1 in Number of States from ttnews.com (Transport Topics)

NHTSA defends new standard for truck trailer underride guards from FreightWaves.com

NHTSA’s Steven Cliff Says Agency to Scrutinize Auto-Driver Technology from ttnews.com (Transport Topics)

Skin, Musculoskeletal Health Essential for Truck Driver from ttnews.com (Transport Topics)

At least 50 migrants dead in alleged human smuggling attempt involving tractor-trailerfrom OverdriveOnline.com

Several dead after passenger train derails in crash with dump truck from CDLLife.com

Supreme Court will not hear trucking’s AB 5 case, law will take effect for industry from OverdriveOnline.com

Listener Feedback Links:

TD156: The First 6 Months Of Trucking – Part 1 from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD157: The First 6 Months Of Trucking – Part 2 from AboutTruckDriving.com

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