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Well, I’ve been holding onto this episode with the hopes that I’d be able to include a main topic, but that’s still in the works. So I guess there’s no logical reason to keep hanging onto all this old news. Some of it isn’t all that relevant anymore, like the whole Canadian border thing and Covid news. But there’s also some more relevant topics here, including all the typical stuff like recalls, more safety blitzes (not the NFL version), moving forward with both the infrastructure plan and futuristic trucks, drug and health updates, and of course, all the things our government is up to.

Additionally, Scott Gunter a.k.a. Killjoy gives me a chance to drool all over his submission for the Trucker Grub segment. This time around, most of the listener feedback segment consists of new drivers wanting to join the Trucker Dump Slack group, but two long-time listeners also pipe in on mechanical woes and YouTube videos.

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News segment:

3 IRS Tax Code Changes Truck Drivers Need to Know from TheTruckersReport.com

CVSA announces Roadcheck inspection blitz dates, OOS criteria changes from OverdriveOnline.com

Kenworth, Peterbilt trucks recalled for methane warning system issue from OverdriveOnline.com

3,500 Peterbilt tractors recalled for potential issue with side step from OverdriveOnline.com

Daimler Issues Another Safety Recall for Western Star, Freightliner Models from TheTruckersReport.com

Eaton-Cummins transmission joint venture hunts for last stick shift holdouts from FreightWaves.com

Cummins acquiring Jake Brake company from OverdriveOnline.com

Cummins will buy Meritor for $3.7B

Diesel Fuel Expected To Rise As Wall Street Predicts $100 Per Barrel Crude Prices from TheTruckersReport.com

2022 may be pivotal year for California’s green rules for trucks from FreightWaves.com

J.B. Hunt enters long-term partnership with autonomous trucking firm from OverdriveOnline.com

Outrider extends autonomous distribution yard work to backing up trailers from FreightWaves.com

Ottawa declares state of emergency as OOIDA calls for end to border vax mandatesfrom OverdriveOnline.com

The People’s Convoy drove from California to Washington DC to support trucker’s freedom.

‘The People’s Convoy’ grows in size as protest leaves Oklahoma from the Washington Examiner

7:36 video of my experience running with The People’s Convoy

Border, Ottawa protesters could lose CDLs, face prison, fines: Ontario premier from FreightWaves.com

Police clear Freedom Convoy truckers, supporters from Ottawa from FreightWaves.com

US to close borders to unvaccinated Canadian, Mexican truckers on Saturday from FreightWaves.com

16 U.S. governors, two Canadian premiers call for end to cross-border vax mandate from OverdriveOnline.com

KeepTruckin ELD now certified in Canada from OverdriveOnline.com

Truckers using cocaine more than marijuana, study finds from FreightWaves.com

OOIDA says report on drivers’ drug use ‘meaningless’ from OverdriveOnline.com

DOT eyes plan to allow oral fluid drug testing to ‘help combat employee cheating’ from CDLLife.com

FMCSA updates vision standard for certain truck drivers from OverdriveOnline.com

Hutcheson succeeds Joshi as head of FMCSA from FreightWaves.com

Buttigieg prioritizing truck driver pay from FreightWaves.com

Truck Driver Salary: Top Paying Jobs (By State & Freight Type) from TruckStop.com

Is driver retention getting better? Stay Metrics’ latest data suggests yes from FreightWaves.com

FMCSA seeks to improve complaint process for drivers, brokers from FreightWaves.com

FMCSA, NHTSA set dates for major rulemakings from FreightWaves.com

Buttigieg’s DOT rejects hours-of-service court challenge claims from FreightWaves.com

Supply chain report tackles truck parking, overtime exemption from LandLineMag.com

Public-sector efforts to boost truck parking face path filled with hurdles from FreightWaves.com

FMCSA lifts restrictions on CDL knowledge test proctors from FreightWaves.com

Virginia likely to see push for right-lane truck restriction during snow from FreightWaves.com

How to confront the post-crash litigation threat — start at the scene of the accidentfrom OverdriveOnline.com

How a plaintiffs’ attorney shop works — and how truckers can play defense to work itfrom OverdriveOnline.com

Who wants to own a trucking company? Retailers are starting to line up from FreightWaves.com

Love’s opens two new locations from OverdriveOnline.com

Trucker Grub segment:

Scott Gunter, a.k.a Killjoy shares his favorite breakfast joint called Breakfasttime Anytime, located in Concord, NC on I-85 exit 60.

Listener Feedback segment:

Mark Bezant is pursuing a trucking career and wants to join the Trucker Dump Slack group and stroke my ego a bit. You know I’m all for that! 😜

Driver Dave has a run in with bad truck design.

Andrew Justiss, Chris Moyer, Robert Hopper, and Ben Barton are all new truckers/listeners who have join the Trucker Dump Slack group.

Chris gets onto me for slacking on the late podcast.

Bruce Phelps discovered the Trucker Dump Podcast via my YouTube review of the Garmin dēzl™ OTR1000.

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