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Today we talk to Dave Dein, a co-founder of The Next Generation In Trucking Association, which is a non-profit organization who’s goal is to get more young people interesting in trucking and logistics careers. What they’re doing is pretty cool, so you’ll want to stick around for that.

But first we’ve got more news than you can haul without a permit, including a dangerous social media game involving truckers, changes to the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse that could affect your livelihood, more on autonomous vehicles, a proposed electric vehicle tax, a new device that fleets could use to restrict driver’s use of cell phones, and of course, a whole bunch about the impending vaccine mandate.

Also, money for truck parking is back on the agenda, care packages for the troops are requested, warehouses are full, the problem at the seaports, more on the lease-operator legal issue, the history of the owner-operator, and legislating bathrooms for truckers. Yes, really.

The Trucker Grub segment gets a retraction, and listener feedback features a whole mess of new Trucker Dump Slack members, gear recommendations, and me getting scolded. What’s new? LOL

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Links mentioned in the introduction:

Video of Todd getting his birthday gift from his awesome Trucker Dump Slack Groupmembers.

Links mentioned in the news segment:

Atlanta P.D. issues new warning about disturbing semi truck stowaway social media ‘game’ from CDLLife.com

New Love’s opens in Illinois from OverdriveOnline.com

123,481 Freightliner Cascadias recalled because steering linkage can separate from FreightWaves.com

FMCSA tells states to ban drivers with drug, alcohol strikes from OverdriveOnline.com

Fleet Operations Learn Increased Truck Driver Salaries About Retention, Not Working Overtime from TheTruckersReport.com

The NoCell goal: Ending distracted driving by automatically shutting down the phonefrom FreightWaves.com

Feds predict at least 200 automated vehicle crashes annually from FreightWaves.com

Real-world autonomy: Navigating a traffic jam and a crash scene from FreightWaves.com

Report: Electric vehicle tax could revive Highway Trust Fund from FreightWaves.com

Trucking not exempt from Biden’s vaccine and testing mandate, enforcement ‘cutting us off at the knees’ from OverdriveOnline.com

Draft of vaccination rule released; trucking didn’t get an exemption from FreightWaves.com

TCA urges members to contact lawmakers over Biden vax mandate from Commercial Carriers Jounal

What happened in Vegas: TCA gathers for first time post-pandemic from FreightWaves.com

Biden announces major supply chain shakeup for ports, carriers and retailers from Commercial Carriers Jounal

Why Don’t U.S. Ports Operate 24/7? Ask the Unions from Competitive Enterprise Institute

No more room at the logistics warehouse inn, Prologis says from FreightWaves.com

Is the owner-operator model a legal minefield? Attorney weighs in from Commercial Carriers Jounal

Illinois Rep Leads Push For $1 Billion In Additional Safe Truck Parking from TheTruckersReport.com

Breaking Free: The history of the owner-operator in trucking from OverdriveOnline.com

Canadian province looking to require bathroom access for truckers from OverdriveOnline.com

OOIDA sponsoring 15th Truckers for Troops campaign from OverdriveOnline.com

ATA’s Spear gets specific on vaccine mandate: Trucking should have an exemption from FreightWaves.com

Bill intro’d in Senate that would exempt truckers from vaccine mandates from OverdriveOnline.com

Labor secretary says most truck drivers are exempt from Covid mandate, handing industry a win from CNBC.com

Trucker Grub segment:

Driver Dave writes in to withdraw his recommendation of the Ten Acre Truckstop in Ontario Canda.

Links mentioned in the interview:

The Next Generation in Trucking Association is a non-profit trade association who is engaging and training the next generation of trucking industry professionals by partnering with high schools, community/technical colleges and private schools to launch training programs around the United States.

You can reach The Next Generation of Trucking Association at 502-483-1478 or email them at info@nextgentrucking.org.

Links mentioned in the Listener Feedback segment:

Jose Santiago (@Trokero84), Matt Ferguson (@matthewgferguson), Vicki (@Wunuvakind), Michael Gritton @michaelgritton, KT Johnson (@KT Cascadia), George Heine (@George Heine) all joined the Trucker Dump Slack group.

Long-time listener Greg T writes send an email and an audio comment with recommendations for gloves and flashlights, and shares why he’s not a Yeti fan.

Check out the Hydro Flask products recommended by Greg T. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

TD156: The First 6 Months Of Trucking – Part 1 from AboutTruckDriving.com

Check out the MCCC 250 Lumens Small LED Rechargeable Car Emergency Flashlight for 12 Volt Car Cigarette Lighter Vechicle Charge, Portable Mini Torch Light with Car Charger and Outdoor Survival Tool for Camping $17.99 recommended by Michael Nunn. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Zach Smacher (@smackerman) takes me to task for my lack of mechanical know-how and tells a story about a hunt for paperwork.

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