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We’re back with Part 2 of the interview with Zach Smacher, about what it’s like for a new trucker in their first 6 months. We left off with a cliffhanger, so that’s where we’ll pick it back up.

But first we’re going to talk about the FMCSA’s new rules about COVID extensions and how they’re bending over backwards to get new truckers into the industry. We’ll also talk about President Biden’s vaccine mandate and how that’s going to affect the trucking industry. And in related news, how to get your own authority if you want to sidestep the mandate. LOL

What else? The pros and cons of working for a union shop, no government money for truck parking, higher per diem rates starting soon, lower Social Security benefits expected in the future, a naughty fuel card company, changes to an age-old technology – the CB, and with winter coming up, I’ll point you to a great resource for chain laws state-by-state.

In the listener feedback segment, we’ll congratulate a new CDL holder, help another potential new trucker, and a couple of drivers want to discuss hazardous materials handling.

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Links mentioned in the news segment:

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Zachary can be reached at ZacharySmacher@aol.com, or you can find him on the Trucker Dump Slack group and Facebook page as @smackerman.

Links mentioned in the listener feedback segment:

Congratulations to Angela Peters, who just her Class A CDL with tanker and hazmat endorsements!

Steven Burnham joins the Trucker Dump Slack group and is looking to get his CDL through a company.

Scott Lucas joined the Trucker Dump Slack group. Where are you, Scott?

Billy Loving asked for the Trace tablet, but I already gave it to Christian Cooper. Sorry, Billy!

Zach Smacher, a.k.a. @smackerman, shares a hazmat situation he had recently.

Brett B takes me to task after listening to TD27: Hauling Hazardous Materials.

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