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In today’s main topic, we’ve got the first part of a 2-part interview with a new trucker about his first six months in the industry. Lots of good info here for anyone looking to get into the industry.

But first we’ve got a couple of recalls, soon-to-be obsolete electronic log devices, possible new vision standards from the FMCSA, and yet another COVID exemption extension.

We’ll also talk about the FMCSA’s new driver advisory panel’s first meeting and we’ll hear some reactions to it. We’ll discuss electric vehicles, slack adjuster no-nos, and more truck parking coming to Indiana.

Get out your sweet tooth for the Trucker Grub segment and in the listener feedback segment, we’ll discuss, everything from trucker TV shows, burning trucks and trailers, and trucker gear. And be sure to stick around to see if you can help a really short woman figure out how to become a trucker.

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Links mentioned in the news segment:

Paccar recalls nearly 700 medium-duty trucks from OverdriveOnline.com

Wabash recall hits 350 reefer trailers from OverdriveOnline.com

FMCSA extends pandemic-related HOS waiver through November from FreightWaves.com

Will your ELD be obsolete in 2022? from FreightWaves.com

FMCSA medical board wants tighter standards for drivers with vision loss from FreightWaves.com

Submit your comments to the FMCSA regarding proposed vision requirement changesfrom Regulations.gov

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Biden calls for stricter emissions regs on trucks, cars within the decade from OverdriveOnline.com

$500M STEER Act could help bridge gap to zero-emission trucks from FreightWaves.com

Port of Oakland tests drayage with Class 8 Peterbilt electric trucks from FreightWaves.com

Breakthroughs and misconceptions: 9 questions with ChargePoint’s Rich Mohr from FreightWaves.com

Brake adjustment a sneaky Top 5 truck out of service violation thanks to misdiagnosis and improper shop practices from OverdriveOnline.com

Indiana rest area project to expand truck parking across state from OverdriveOnline.com

Links mentioned in the Trucker Grub segment:

Check out The Westwood Cafe inside The Oasis Travel Plaza at I-44 Exit 145 in Missouri for a cinnamon roll the size of your friggin’ head!


Links mentioned in the interview:

TruckingTruth.com – Truck Drivers Are In High Demand. TruckingTruth Will Guide The Way.

Zachary can be reached at ZacharySmacher@aol.com, or you can find him on the Trucker Dump Slack group and Facebook page as @smackerman.

Links mentioned in the listener feedback segment:

Stevie listened to and has comments on episodes:

TD84: TV Casting Call For A New Show About Truckers from AboutTruckDriving.com

Trick My Truck on Wikipedia from the folks at Chrome Shop Mafia at 4 State Trucks.

TD96: The Feedback Show from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD113: The Feedback Show #2 from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD140: The Listener Feedback Show #3 from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD100: What Makes The Evil Overlord… Evil? from AboutTruckDriving.com

Butare Nkunzi a.k.a. Em, was an eyewitness to the major fire that shut down the I-75 bridge in Cincinnati a while back.

Beavis and Butthead FIRE! clip on YouTube.com- 7 seconds

Greg T is back to tell us the story of how a reefer trailer burned up at a truck stop.

Zach Smacher sent in an audio clip where we discuss big hammers, insulated mugs, footwear, gloves, and flashlights.

Angela Peters and Gwyn Vela (@AngelaBird and @Furiosa respectively) had a conversation about being a member of the Trucker Dump Slack group.

You can join the Trucker Dump Slack Group too by emailing me at TruckerDump@gmail.com.

Brandy is having trouble becoming a trucker due to her 4’9″ height. If you’ve got any advice for her, please shoot me an email to TruckerDump@gmail.com and I’ll get you in touch with her.

I also mention WomenInTrucking.org as a possible source of information on this topic.

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