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We don’t have a main topic today, but we do have a mega crap ton of news, some listener feedback, and a fun contest that could win you $50.

So about this news; we’ve got a handful of truck recalls, Canadian ELDs, lots of driverless trucks being ordered, some useful tips for tax time, another reroute around a busted bridge, and yet another safety blitz (yes, really). But hey, all is not lost. We’ll also tell you what qualifies as an out-of-service violation when it comes to lights and hours-of-service. This one might surprise you. We’ll even discuss how some of these violations are actual crimes! Whaaaa?

We’ll address some myths around the COVID vaccine and if you’re still freaked out, how to clean your truck to reduce your chances of getting it. But hey, at least you won’t die from a truck rollover if this prototype fifth wheel makes it to market!

And once again, the powers that be are making truckers unhappy with talks of the new Vehicle Miles Traveled tax, the push for speed limiters and automatic emergency braking, and why DOT physicals still won’t go directly onto your CDL for years to come. Not to mention the courts ruling against lease operators and a survey showing not much faith in the Biden administration. But hey, at least a new FMCSA director has been nominated. So there’s that.

And to finish up, we’ll show you how to value your time more, how to extend the life of your DPF filter (yes, I realize that’s redundant), and I’ll tell you about a new addition to the Garmin dēzl™ OTR series of truck GPSs and a new feature they all have.

What? I told you there was a lot of news. Did you think I was lying?

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. I’m also giving away this Trace tablet from FleetUp to the first person who emails me at TruckerDump@gmail.com

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Debunking truckers’ four favorite myths about COVID-19 vaccines from OverdriveOnline.com

Dr. Alexander E. Underwood works at KT Health Clinic near Springfield, MO. He can be reached at 855–943-3518 or email him at mail@kthealthclinic.com.

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Buy a Garmin dēzl OTR truck GPS using this handy dandy Amazon Affiliate link!

Links mentioned in the listener feedback segment:

TD74: Doing Dallas from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD75: Who’s A Trucker? from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD76: The Spitting “Christian” Zealot from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD80: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – Trucker Style from AboutTruckDriving.com

TD83: A Trucker Visits Carhenge from AboutTruckDriving.com

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