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The topic of today’s show is CDL Farms and why you should be careful when choosing a truck driving school. I interview a driver who went to one and you won’t believe how bad his school was!

But before that we’ve got stories about safety blitzes and recalls, electric truck expectations, and of course, more COVID-related news, including the death of a trucking icon.

We’ll also hit on the upcoming new split sleeper berth rule, we’ll issue a warning about CBD products, the FBI warns about ELD hackers, and bringing the issues of truck parking and detention pay into the spotlight.

We’ve even got a Trucker Grub segment for you foodies!

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Links mentioned in the news segment:

CVSA Schedules Brake Safety Week for Late August from TruckingInfo.com

DTNA, Navistar Announce Voluntary Safety Recalls from ttnews.com (Transport Topics)

Remembering the ‘Midnight Cowboy,’ Bill Mack

Masks Are Now Mandatory At All Of The Largest Truck Stop Chains from TheTruckersReport.com

Hazmat endorsement renewal waiver extended through October from OverdriveOnline.com

States enter pact to ban truck emissions from OverdriveOnline.com

OOIDA presses regulators on detention time pay, truck parking

Truck Drivers Should Beware of CBD, Drug Policy Expert Says from ttnews.com (Transport Topics)

FBI Warns ELDs Could Let Hackers Control Your Vehicle, Steal Your Information, And More from TheTruckersReport.com

Rolling the 14: How to pull off the new split-sleeper under the hours of service come September from OverdriveOnline.com

Trucker Grub segment:

Ryan Moede tells us about the Red Arrow Diner in New Hampshire

Links mentioned in the Listener Feedback segment:

Eric Lindeau enjoyed the “golf swing” joke from TD146: Personal Safety Tips For Truckers

John Bergsing is a smart aleck (as always).

Andrew Farmer bails me out by using my Amazon Affiliate links from TD146: Personal Safety Tips For Truckers

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  1. Scott Gunter says:

    I can give you opposite I went to an amazing truck driving school. I was in the army for 5 years and as I was getting out I went to the truck driving school that was on post. It was a 6 week school the first 2 weeks were all classroom and then week 3 we focused on pretrip and then week 4 we all separated into groups of 4 and started practicing on the shifting course. I learned quick not to get to cocky. I was doing really good on my first time around and made a smart allic comment saying “I got this now” and then my trainer laughed and asked if I wanted to hit the regular road since I think I “was doing so good” so my idiot self said yes and killed the truck 6 times at the first red light. Lesson learned… We got our CDLs at the end of week 5 and the whole last week was us learning to float the gears and drive over a pass we had in the city we were in. Thank you for the entertainment while I’m driving btw I’ve been binge listening from episode one and just finished this one today

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