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Well, you can probably guess what today’s podcast is all about, and unfortunately it ain’t fluffy kittens. Nope, for today’s main topic I’ll be rebroadcasting an episode of the Payload Podcast where JT Peters talks to an epidemiologist about Coronavirus and how it relates to us truckers.

But before that, we’ve got lots of news on how this pandemic is affecting the trucking industry; including suspended and forced rules, how truckers are gaining new respect, and some clarification on the $2.2 trillion stimulus plan. And of course, what you should do if you think you’ve got the virus.

But it’s not all about the Corona. We’ve got an update on new HOS rules, autonomous trucks, truck parking, and new high-tech maintenance ideas. Also, a major data breach and tips for being in an accident.

In the feedback segment, we’ll talk about ignorant commenters, under 21 truckers, tailgating, and kitchen utensils.

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Links mentioned in the podcast:

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Worldcometers COVID-19 statistics

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News roundup, Feb. 27: TQL data breach potentially exposed carriers’ bank account numbers from OverdriveOnline.com

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Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Map from Johns Hopkins University

Links mentioned in the Feedback segment:

Greg tells us about his 20-year old pots and pans that he uses to cook in the truck. They have folding handles, which is perfect for small storage space like the cab of a semi. You can buy them on Amazon using this affiliate link.

Scott enjoyed listening to TD142: Being An Expedited Truck Driver but he writes about some hateful comments made about TD95: 4 Reasons That Trucker Might Be Tailgating You. He believes that I shouldn’t give haters the time of day by sharing their vile comments on the podcast. What say you?

New listener Rico also shares his thoughts on TD95: 4 Reasons That Trucker Might Be Tailgating You.

Zachary tells us about learning to drive truck at an early age and relates it to the current under-21 debate.

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