After a long hiatus, we’re back to catch up on lots of listener/reader feedback and about three months of news stories. So basically, there’s not much to see here today except a crap ton of show notes with links to everything that was talked about in the podcast version.

I hope if you’ve only been a reader thus far, you’ll give the podcast version a go. Each episode I find interesting news stories to discuss, we learn about good places for truckers (or anyone really) to eat, and I read listener/reader feedback and respond. And other than weird days like today, I usually have main topic about something that’s peaked my interest or an interesting interview about something in the trucking industry.

Typically, the Trucker Dump Podcast is published approximately once per month. I wish it could be more, but I’m a full-time trucker with a crazy schedule so I do the best I can. Each episode is usually 1.5-2 hours long, but this particular whopper is almost 3 hours since I’ve been absent so long!

Podcast Show Notes

Well we’re back from a wee bit of a hiatus, so instead of a normal topic we’re going to catch up on listener feedback. We’ll hear from people looking into a trucking career, and we’ll discuss LTL vs OTR, Automatics vs. Manuals, Australian and military trucking, laughable rules, and of course, lots of hate mail about my tailgating episode. Those are always fun.

We’ve also got over 3 months of news to catch up on. Trucking companies in trouble and CA causing trouble, recalls, new ELD stuff, new legislation, service dogs, booting, and lots more.

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Links mentioned in the podcast version:

Financial scandal pushes Celadon to bankruptcy, fleet says drivers will be paid and sent home

Court allows Celadon to pay $5.4 million in owed driver wages

November recall roundup: More than 4,000 Western Star, 2,200 Volvo and 200 Peterbilt trucks included in four recalls from

Goodbye, AOBRD: Shifting loyalties, yard moves and other challenges from

In ATRI survey, drivers report longer, more frequent detention at shippers/receivers from

Trucking Law: What works as ‘personal conveyance’? from
Paul O. Taylor – Truckers Justice Center855-943-3518

Trucking groups write Congress to oppose mandates for speed limiters, auto braking, insurance increase from

Speed limits increase on I-40, I-75, I-640 in Knoxville overnight from

Trucking Law: Protecting yourself during a traffic stop from
Brad Klepper – Interstate Trucker and Drivers Legal Plan800-333-3748

Time to register with FMCSA’s drug/alcohol clearinghouse from

USDA officially legalizes interstate transportation of hemp from

US senators introduce ‘Women in Trucking’ bill from

Owner-operators face tough choices in California in wake of new contractor law
Days of reckoning for Calif. owner-operators as fleets cut ties over new labor law from

With New Jersey bill on deck, ABC tests could eventually stumble into Supreme Court from

FMCSA to Announce Two-Year Delay in Implementing ELDT Rule from Transport Topics

No Driver Shortage Problem, ‘Just Pay Drivers More’ Says Economist from

VP undercover in a large carrier’s training program; Voices From 10-4 D.C. from

Tech developers: Don’t fear the ‘phantom’ of autonomous trucks from

News roundup, Sept. 24: Fatigue-detecting headgear makes U.S. debut, Star chiropractor cracks truckers’ backs from

The camera sees all: Phone usage, smoking in cab now trigger driver alerts from

Werner found negligent in fatal 2017 crash, ordered to pay $40.5 million in damages from

Pennsylvania testing new traffic restriction plan this winter from

Driver to receive $22,500 from fleet after paying fee for service dog to ride from

News roundup, Sept. 16: Drivewyze adds mountain grade alerts, new TA Express open from

Could Colorado’s pending vehicle booting regulation be a model for the nation? from

Links in the Feedback section:

Charlie asks about finding a trucking job straight out of the military and he asks about TMC as a first trucking job.

a. hitler (yes, really) listened to TD115: Product Review Of weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Cell Signal Booster and wasn’t very impressed.

Michael helps us understand LTL trucking a bit more after listening to TD137: OTR Trucking Vs. LTL Trucking.

Burt is an ex-military dude looking at a career in trucking and is considering Werner and Schneider.

Michael isn’t a trucker, but he wrote in to say thanks for the podcast. That always makes my day!

Bill listened to TD33: Automatic Or Manual Truck Transmission? and we both share our thoughts on trannies, life in general, and the importance of continuing to learn.

Justin from Australia recently got his Heavy Rigid license (think Class B straight truck) and just popped in to say thanks for the podcast. I respond with a reeeeeeally bad Aussie accent.

Jim listened to TD109: Coping With Rookie Truckers and we share a laugh about something I said in the podcast.

David listened to TD101: Stupid Rules That Truckers Tolerate and agrees with the stupidity of it all.

Ken “Easy Money” spent his time in the military training people to drive, so he’s the perfect person to help us understand how it works.

Eaglewind357 also listened to TD33: Automatic Or Manual Truck Transmission? and shares his thoughts on the subject.

Quick shout out to all the peeps who have joined the Trucker Dump Slack group. Welcome to Mike, Kyle, Casey, Driver Cee, Eric, Daniel, Jeremy, and Josh.

Driver Cee is a new driver and wrote in to thank me for the podcast and the books. She also tells the story of some trouble she got herself into during her first few weeks of truck driving. Oops!

Lots of people weighing in on TD95: 4 Reasons That Trucker Might Be Tailgating You, including Ms. B, Rhonda, Tori, Mark N Tim, Gary, Jungle Jim, Kevin, dickwad, and some anonymous person calling themselves You are a Jerk, Todd.

TD66: Truckers Go Turtle Racing describes why two trucks sometimes find themselves in a passing war and what truckers can do to stop it.

Cracker called me a racist after reading TD105: 4 Reasons Truckers Don’t Have Butts, but I happily defend what I said.

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