In today’s episode, I’m starting a new series where I talk to truckers who have a speciality. Every now and then I’ll interview a driver who does something different than the average trucker. Today, you’ll hear from my good friend and fellow Trucker Dump Slack Group member, Shannon Holden about his job as a rental equipment hauler. But before that we’ve got lots of news to cover including more truck recalls, lots of new legislation, ELD privacy issues, and some stupid things truckers do, which means I’m pissed off through half the news segment. But we lighten the mood every now and then with an odd quarantine, seven of the best companies to work for (according to Forbes), a couple of cool new products, and a chance for a free trip to Nashville. I didn’t think we’d have a Trucker Grub segment, but an old acquaintance stops in to talk about Nancy’s Pizza in Litchfield, Illinois. You’ll never guess who it is in a million years. In the listener feedback section we’ll discuss the sleep drug Ambien, refresher courses, the importance of asking questions, and I’ll have my sanity questioned. ‘Bout friggin’ time.
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Links mentioned in the podcast: I got a chance to co-host the May 29 episode of The Trucking Podcast with Buck Ballard when Don the Beer Guy couldn’t make it. Lots of stories and laughs in this one! I got interviewed by Niki from the Truck Boss Show about the Trucker Dump Podcast. I spoke with Niki from the Truck Boss Show on starting your own podcast. The Truck Boss Show is giving away some free swag. First person to email me at wins the loot! Brake Safety Week inspection blitz set for Sept. 15-22 Paccar recalls nearly 7,000 Kenworth, Peterbilt trucks over various issues Mirror issue prompts recall of 4,000 Kenworth, Peterbilt tractors Daimler issues recall for brake air supply capacity issue CDL Mills And Bad Trainers Will Love This FMCSA Rule Senate bill would force DOT to institute speed limiter mandate, set 65 mph limit Bill in Congress would restore drivers’ per diem tax deduction New Montana law will raise truck speed limits DOT seeking input on regs around autonomous driving FMCSA’s proposed HOS changes now expected July 31 DOT funding bill would force 30-minute break to remain in hours regs Trucker faces 40 criminal counts stemming from deadly I-70 crash near Denver Plenty blame to go around in Colo. tragedy, when the damage is done Truckers’ 90-Mile Road-Rage Battle Kills Woman, Companies To Pay $26 Million ELD data handling: ‘Privacy is paramount,’ but practices vary Permit required for truckers in insect quarantine area beginning May 1 New TruckPark app allows drivers to reserve parking spaces TruckPark app on Apple App Store TruckPark app on Google Play Store VSA PlugSaver is a cool device to keep your trailer lights from flickering. Isela from the Truck Boss Show interviews trucker/inventor of the the VSA Plugsaver. Seven fleets named to Forbes’ ‘Best Large Employers’ list Truckers can enter to win free trip to Nashville with the RoadPro Ultimate Nashville Getaway Giveaway This Trucker Fell Asleep At The Wheel After Falsifying His Logs. A Jury Awarded Him $80 Million Links in the Feedback section: Doug (Missouri Miller Boy (who did the May Trucker Grub segment) challenges the concept of me claiming to be both a cheapskate and an Apple-loving, cat lover and I attempt to explain the dilemma. Joe questions a wreck involving a trucker taking Ambient, a drug used for insomnia. Ambien on Author Lisa Nowak offers congratulations for my new job and I spin it into a lesson that has been recently reinforced that should be a part of every trucker’s life. David is considering renewing his CDL and wants to know the best path to upgrading from a Class B to a Class A. Show info: You can email your comments, suggestions, questions, or insults to Join the Trucker Dump Podcast Facebook Group Join the Trucker Dump Slack Group by emailing me at Got a second to Rate and/or Review the podcast on iTunes? Download the intro/outro songs for free! courtesy of Walking On Einstein  
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I'm a 22-year truck driver with an interest in tech stuff. I do the Trucker Dump podcast and blog, which is all about life as a trucker. I have also written two trucking books, "Trucking Life" and "How to Find a Great Truck Driving Job."

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