Thanks to the mass media covering every truck wreck like it’s the most horrific thing since the BP oil spill and lots of websites that love to post videos of stupid things that truckers do; we truckers have a pretty bad reputation with the general public. That’s why I am so glad to be able to tell you about the 29th Annual Make-A-Wish Mother’s Day Truck Convoy.

Every year since 1990, truckers participate in this awesome event to help raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. The Mother’s Day Truck Convoy even made it into the Guinness World Records in 2016 as the world’s longest truck convoy, boasting 590 trucks! Take that, Pig Pen and Rubber Duck! 

This mega-convoy runs across 26 miles of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where thousands of spectators line the route to cheer on the long line of trucks filled with Make-A-Wish kids and truckers blasting their air horns. Check out the video.

The Mother’s Day Truck Convoy is the number one fundraiser for the Lancaster County branch every year. How about that? For once we truckers are actually #1 instead of just being told we are #1 by impatient auto drivers.

To learn more about the convoy, have a listen to the podcast version above where I had a chance to interview Ben Lee, Regional Director for Philadelphia, Delaware, & Susquehanna Valley or click here to visit the Convoy website.

So even if you can’t make it to this year‘s event, there’s no reason why you can’t help. Just follow this link to donate whatever you can for this worthy cause. (If you don’t have a specific company or team to support, simply click Donate, then TEAM, and then type “make” into the search bar. You can them donate under the Lancaster branch office team.)

And before you click away without donating, I double-dog dare you to watch the video below. If you don’t tear up a bit, your heart is as black as motor oil.

Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode we talk to Ben Lee, president of Make-A-Wish for the Susquehanna Valley, who tells us about the awesome, Guiness World Record holding, Mother’s Day Truck Convoy event. But before that, I talk about a few articles I saw involving California emissions, a new Hours-of-Service bill, and a horrible truck crash. 

I also point you to a cool gift for a trucker. I also have a nice, long chat with Dave Meltzer, a Principal at one of our sponsors, East Insurance Group. Believe it or not, we have a non-boring chat about truck insurance. And in Trucker Grub, Driverchrismc is back with another excellent restaurant.

In the feedback section, Aaron and Greg have comments about C.R. England, while Jeff, Steven, Trucker Bob, and @thebesttruckeralive (yes, really) want to talk about reserved paid truck parking.

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Links mentioned in the podcast:

John H. Martin Company makes Unique Awards and Gifts for Truckers

Trucker Sentenced to 55 Years For Crash That Killed Six from

CARB To Update Its Emissions Requirements from

New HOS Bill Would Give Drivers A ‘Pause’ Button from
East Insurance Group contacts:
David Meltzer 443-255-0697
Mike Sydell 443-629-4111
Driverchrismc contributes to Trucker Grub again by suggesting Max’s Thunder Road Grill in Grand Island, NE. Please send in an audio submission with your favorite trucker-accessible restaurant to

Donate to the Mother’s Day Truck Convoy

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Make-A-Wish for Philadelphia, Delaware, & Susquehanna Valley

Make-A-Wish Mother’s Day Truck Convoy 2016 video

Video of Make-A-Wish Philadelphia, Delaware, Susquehanna Valley fulfilling their 6000th wish! Very touching.

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