HWY Pro: New Trucking App Makes Loading More Efficient

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Veteran truck drivers know how inefficient and time-consuming it is to find a load and plan a dispatch using traditional methods. Truckers often have to make long phone calls to brokers, spend ungodly amounts of time planning routes, and wait at load boards at truck stops forever. The trucking industry is still dependent on platforms and methodologies that are seriously outdated despite the inconvenience it causes drivers. A new app called HWY Pro may just change all that. The app promises to reduce load-planning time and make the whole process much more efficient.

HWY Pro: An App Unlike Any Other

There are dozens of apps out there for truckers, of course. But most of these apps are for helping truckers stay awake during long trips. The modern trucking industry is highly technically advanced, but only a handful of these tech innovations reach the drivers themselves. HWY Pro is unique because it’s designed not for trucking companies or dispatching networks, but for truck owner-operators themselves.

The app is developed by Bill Busbice, Harry Hover, and Paul Svindland. The three once owned a trucking company that served in the oil and gas industry. During their years as trucking professionals, they noticed firsthand how inefficient the system could be for drivers. Their aim was to develop an app that would save time for truckers so they can spend their time doing things that are most important, such as driving, resting, and whenever possible, spending time with family.

Streamlining Product Transportation for Truckers

It was Bill Busbice who came up with the idea for the app. He noticed that truckers already rely on smartphones, so why not deliver a system that truckers can readily access to improve efficiency? The developers of HWY Pro aim to streamline load transportation via trucks, similar to how Uber streamlined commuting for the average consumer. Many truckers would agree with the app’s tagline: Just drive.

What HWY Pro Offers Truck Drivers

The app is packed with features that owner-operators would find highly desirable. Unlike before, truckers who use the app can arrange a load in six screen taps or less. Also, gone are the days spent calling shippers. Trucks who use the app will have a team of freight specialists at their disposal that will take care of organizing loads. It’s a way of outsourcing the time-consuming tasks associated with delivering a haul. The freight specialists will make sure that loads arrive for pickup on time. When using HWY Pro, truckers can load up as needed without having to wait.

Truckers will get real time updates of new loads as they become available on the app. It comes with a smart route planning feature that allows owner-operators to organize hauls efficiently. For example, drivers can arrange in advance to pick up a load at a stop along a route using only the app. No calling is necessary.

Truck owner-operators can use HWY Pro to plan loads for a week or two out, and get a load on their way home as well. The app is demonstrably speedier than traditional platforms. Truckers can save hours of time with HWY Pro and drive with less stress.

HWY Pro is a free app and is currently available for download from the app’s official website. It will become available on Google Play and Apple App Store in early November 2017.

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