Producing A Confident Truck Driver With A Driving Simulator

This is a guest post by Randy Byers, Executive Director of Shelly Truck Driving School

For decades, generations of truck driving students have learned how to drive behind the wheel of a commercial truck. While this has been the standard method of training millions of truck drivers, it can be risky to put inexperienced students in the cab of a truck and on our nation’s roads.

Fortunately, there is another way.

Truck Driving Simulators

Driving simulators are appearing at trucking driving schools across the country. At first glance they might look like a video game you would find in an arcade. But these simulators are becoming an increasingly powerful tool to developing commercial drivers in the 21st century.

Benefits of a Truck Simulator at Commercial Schools

With a truck driving simulator, students learn the basics of commercial driving in a safe, simulated environment. It is here that they can practice shifting gears, braking, and navigating the controls of a truck. By logging hours in a simulator, a student can gain confidence and comfort behind the wheel before they ever go out on the road.

From an instructor’s perspective, a simulator allows for greater instruction and improvements before sitting in a real truck. Plus, a simulator saves wear and tear on the school’s fleet from students who are not yet comfortable operating a truck transmission.

When a student finally gets in the cab of a truck, he or she is often more comfortable and relaxed as they drive. Since they are already familiar shifting and operating a truck, they can focus more of their attention on their surroundings. This makes them less anxious, more relaxed, and more receptive for instruction.

The Role of Simulators in Improving the Truck Driving Industry

After graduation and receiving their Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL, a student that trained with a simulator often has a head start on learning when compared to similar students. In our competitive field, this experience could mean getting hired at your preferred company, and it allows companies to find the best drivers for their fleet.

Simulators also help existing drivers gain confidence and experience. After a driver has an accident or incident, a company might want the driver to undergo remedial training or support before they get back on the road. A truck driving simulator can help these drivers by emulating specific situations that you can’t reproduce in the real world. By mastering the simulator, the driver can gain the confidence they need before returning to the job.

If you are a student looking for a CDL certification, consider a truck driving school that leverages the benefits of a truck driving simulator. And if you are a school or transportation company, learn how a simulator can help your current and future drivers become well-rounded and comfortable behind the wheel.

Randy Byers, Executive Director of Shelly Truck Driving School

Shelly Truck Driving School in York, PA is training the next generation of truck drivers. Using state-of-the-art truck simulators, hands-on instruction, and over 160 hours of training, our students are prepared to start their career as a PennDOT-certified CDL driver. Tuition reduction and job placement available. Visit our website to apply for our truck driving school. 

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    Amazing blog!!! I have been in favour of training truck drivers on a truck driver training simulator so that they know and are aware how to drive in nights or in traffic etc and leading to less casualties.

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