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A couple of days ago, I was reminded of something that I had known for years, but had totally forgotten. It seems that the good citizens of Oregon (and all passers-by) are apparently too stupid to put fuel in their own vehicles. At least that’s what the state’s lawmakers think.

As usual, I was wandering around the truck stop waiting on The Evil Overlord to finish up her shower. Women are so stinking slow. Anyway, I happened to be looking out the front doors as two cars pulled up to the gas pumps. Then they just sat there. No one got out of the car. “Hmm,”  I thought. “Why are they just sitting there?” My question was immediately answered when an employee said, “Excuse me, sir,” as he slipped out the front door and proceeded to start pumping gas.

First off, am I really old enough to be called “sir”? I guess I am, but I doubt I’ll ever get used to it. After all, I’m used to answering when I hear The Evil Overlord use the words “dumb-ass.” Or is that just one word? Sorry. Off on a rat hole again. Back to the subject.

As soon as the guy started those fuel pumps, I remembered. Many, many moons ago, The Evil Overlord and I had been stranded at a company shop near Portland, Oregon. We had borrowed the company car and stopped for some gas on the way into town for a nice dinner at Jake’s Famous Crawfish (YUMMY!!!). Being the lightning fast guy that I am, I had the pump in hand in a flash. That’s when the guy came running out to stop me.

When he first explained that I wasn’t allowed to pump my own gas, I thought he was joking. Only after a few minutes of him pleading with me did I honestly believe that I wasn’t the victim of a Candid Camera joke or something. When asked why they had this stupid rule, the kid just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Don’t know. It’s just a state law.”

Back in the present, I asked the current gas pumping dude the same question. He said, “I heard two reasons. One, was that a long time ago a husband and wife had gotten into a heated argument while the man was gassing up the car. One thing led to another, and he wound up soaking his wife in gas and setting her on fire. The fire spread and the whole place went up in flames. The lawyers got involved and sued everyone. So they passed this law.” I guess my expression showed my doubt as the validity of this story, because he said, “Yea, that one’s a bit hard to swallow.”

“The second reason I heard is that the lawmakers decided that pumping gas exposed people to toxic fumes, so they outlawed it.” I added, “So it’s okay to make one person sniff toxic fumes all day, every day, but it’s bad for everyone else to inhale those same fumes for five minutes every three of four days?” To which he replied, “Yeah. I’m not sure I buy that one either. But I could see them not caring about a guy that’s pumping gas for minimum wage.” I agreed, but added that I didn’t think even the government would be that stupid. I stand corrected. They can be. His story wasn’t too far off.

Thanks to the iPhone and the internet, I quickly found the truth. In 1951, Oregon lawmakers ruled that, due to the flammable nature of gasoline, it was unsafe for “unqualified” persons to pump their own gas. New Jersey had passed a similar law two years earlier. Many other states have had similar laws in the past. All but Oregon and New Jersey have since grown a brain cell. I guess it made sense back then when pumps didn’t have automatic shutoff valves. But times have changed. At least for 48 of our states, it has. Click here for more information about these laws. Incidently, they have modified the rules to allow truckers to fuel their own vehicles. So for once, a trucker was determined to be smarter than the average citizen. Hear, hear!

When I revealed the truth to the gas guy at the truck stop, he didn’t seem surprised. I think he summed it up nicely when he said with a grin, “Doesn’t surprise me. Don’t really care either. People who live here are lazy and this job keeps me off welfare.” Well put, my friend.  Well put.

About the Author
I'm a 22-year truck driver with an interest in tech stuff. I do the Trucker Dump podcast and blog, which is all about life as a trucker. I have also written two trucking books, "Trucking Life" and "How to Find a Great Truck Driving Job."
5 comments on “TD23: Too Stupid To Fuel?
  1. Kathy Hagle says:

    LOL, the good old Oregon gas pumping law. What was there once to “protect” the citizens of Oregon now is to protect the government. As it makes for an easy way to make jobs for people.
    As don’t go trying to pump it your self, that gas guy saved you from a very hefty fine. As if you try to do it your self, both the gas station and you will get a ticket for doing so.
    As for truck drivers make sure you have the right paper work in the cab with you. As they will check to see if you are legal and knowledgeable to pump the fuel. Since I live here, Andrew has had to get this paperwork. And we had to have it faxed to me and I had to then fax him a copy so he could come home, when he got the KW he drives now.
    So we as a family all know too well about the Oregon law, and as per the norm with any Oregon law. Hey what can you expect this is the Socialist Republic of Oregon we are speaking of here.

    1. Todd McCann says:

      Socialist Republic of Oregon. Enough said. 🙂

  2. blczz999 says:

    AH, Yes . . . The State of Oregon . . . I’m not saying anything else. It’s already been said!

  3. I’m from New Jersey, and have never pumped my own fuel unless I was in a hurry and too impatient to wait for the fuel attendant. On my way down to North Carolina last May, I stopped for fuel somewhere in Virginia.
    I sat in my little pick up and patiently awaited the fuel attendant to come over and service me. Well, about five minutes went by, and here I am in my truck with lousy air conditioning, and four yowling, puking cats in carriers. I looked around and saw a man in a blue uniform…so, I got out and asked him how much longer would it be before he could get to my car.
    He started laughing, and then I noticed a patch on his sleeve, he was
    a cop! lmao! (I didn’t see a gun, however). He explained that they pump their own fuel in Virginia. I was aghast! Personally, I don’t think anyone but qualified attendants should fuel our cars. It’s what they do for a living, so they are eminently qualified to do it, whereas me, on the other hand, forgets to pull her fuel cap back on before she drives away! lol! Plus, I hate getting dirty, and fuel on me, and the fumes give me a headache. Guess as a Yankee, I’m just spoiled, eh? Oh, and Pennsylvania had fuel attendants, and they pushed for the “pump your own”, claiming it would bring the cost of fuel down. What a crock! I paid MORE for gas in Pennsylvania, and got my hands dirty to boot.
    Bleh! OH! And ANOTHER thing….not only did we get our fuel tanks filled, we got our oil checked, and our windshield washed. Guess I’m used to “star” treatment. And frankly, I miss it!

    1. Todd McCann says:

      It would be nice to have the option of full-service if you wanted it. I just think it’s nuts to force it on you. But hey, each to their own.

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