Okay, I admit I’ve been a bit grouchy lately. These recurring electrical issues on my truck are putting me into a funk. So that’s why I’m going in the opposite direction today.

Have you ever seen those tee shirts with the little stick figure designs that have a happy little saying on them? Their slogan is “Life is good.®” The Evil Overlord bought me one with a stick figure golfer on it and the caption says, “Be the ball.” It’s one of my favorite shirts. So in that tradition, I’ve decided to make a list of things that make life good.

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Without further adue, and in no particular order, I give you my “Life is good” list of things that make me happy:

  • Faith in God and the love of family
  • Getting out of the sand trap in one stroke.  Rare as that might be.
  • Snow-covered scenery, but dry roads
  • My spiffy new 15″ MacBook Pro
  • A pair of shoes that make your feet melt when you put them on
  • The fact that when The Evil Overlord (wife) touches me anywhere on the head, neck, back, or shoulders, I feel a strange, stress-sucking effect happening. . . even after 15 years.
  • Surprising a cat and watching it wig out
  • The smell of bacon in the morning
  • A dispatcher that tells you the truth, even if the truth sucks
  • A Saturday night video game marathon with all three nephews and The Evil Overlord; and the yelling and screaming that goes along with it.
  • The fact that I have a wife who likes video games at all
  • Finding a truck stop with both hot water and decent water pressure
  • My mom’s chocolate chip cookies and my mother-in-law’s chicken and noodles
  • Singing at the top of my lungs while alone in the car
  • A long stretch of smooth road
  • The feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally beat a big boss in a video game. . . after the 50th try.
  • Seeing any bird of prey looking for lunch
  • The magic that is fitting 5,494 songs on one small iPod. . . and it only being half full!
  • Enjoying the bubble wrap in the package more than the item you received
  • Hanging up on telemarketers
  • The friendly driver in the car that helps the big rigs switch lanes
  • Finding an ATM with no fees
  • Seeing the look of astonishment on everyone’s faces when I complete a household task without screwing anything up.
  • Watching a helicopter take off or land
  • All seven Harry Potter books, especially the audiobook versions.  The movies are good, but the books are where it’s at.
  • The fact that The Evil Overlord rarely cries, nor does she need constant reassurance of her self-worth. . . and she can’t stand Oprah.
  • Pulling into a jammed packed truck stop at 3 a.m. and just before you accept that there aren’t any parking spots, a driver pulls out of one right in front of you.
  • The quiet of pre-dawn
  • Hitting every green light as you go through town. . . especially when you’re in your truck and you’re on your way home after three weeks of over-the-road driving.
  • Smiling and happily waving at a driver who just flipped me off.

So there you have it. Of course, this isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it’s a good start. Next post; what else but: Life is crap.

About the Author
I'm a 22-year truck driver with an interest in tech stuff. I do the Trucker Dump podcast and blog, which is all about life as a trucker. I have also written two trucking books, "Trucking Life" and "How to Find a Great Truck Driving Job."
6 comments on “TD6: Life Is Good
  1. jennifer says:

    life is good for sure. and it is soooo much fun to sit around and play video games all night, helping each other with our games….it’s pains me to think that someday they will be grown up. i know i say i can’t wait for it, but thats just bs…it will be so quiet with them grown up and living their own lives. i just hope they all have girls cause i don’t think i could handle being old and having boys again….they are soooooo CRAZY!!!!
    and it was very nice to hear all of the good things but i can’t wait to see this next one!!!

  2. Todd McCann says:

    Look at the bright side. You will always have youth around. We call him Jason.

  3. vernon george says:

    1) God
    2) Jude, my wife and best friend.
    3) Family. Daughters and their husbands, and grandsons.
    4) Friends, and being a friend.
    5) Coming to the understanding the only thing in the world that matters in life is the relationship maintained and enjoyed with those you love and who love you back.

  4. jude says:

    I love a day that I can spend the whole day by myself. Just messing around with things I like to do. No phone calls, no company. Most of all I’m an out door person. Walking through the woods with my dog is the most peaceful place I know. Just seeing Gods creation and being out there in it, reminds me that life really is good.

  5. Asia Reeves says:

    Ahhhhh…a pair of shoes that make your feet melt indeed. So many wonderful things listed and many more I could add but, hey, this is your blog. Well done, Todd. Saw your tweet and just had to read. Very interesting posts. Will be a regular visitor for sure.

    1. Todd McCann says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Now I know how to trap you. Just put the word “shoes” in the keywords and you’re putty in my hands.

      And by all means, feel free to leave your own “Life is good” list.

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