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TD119: Winter Truck Driving Tips From An Alaskan Trucker

If you could get winter truck driving tips from anyone, who would it be? How about someone who drives a 155,000-pound, 12-axle tractor trailer on mountainous, snow-packed, two-lane roads nearly every day? Well, I found such a person. Even better, I commenced to bribe, cajole, and generally badger him into coming onto the Trucker Dump […]

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Used with permission of Xata Corp.

TD55: The EOBR Myth

Quick: What’s the leading cause of trucking accidents? If you were to ask that question to the non-trucking public, they would probably tell you that trucker fatigue was the culprit. They’d be wrong. It’s not their fault. The media, our lawmakers, and many interest groups are cramming that idea into their ears with one of those […]

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TD53: Lunar Driving As A Trucker

Here’s a heads-up to any prospective drivers out there. If you think Over-The-Road (OTR) trucking is a 9-to-5 job, you’re gonna be more disappointed than a stoner with a bag of oregano. We have a name for you folks: Solar drivers. Solar drivers are guys or gals who only like to run during the daylight. […]

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Photo by Glutnix via Flickr

TD31: Is Forced Dispatch Forced?

I’m sitting in the driver’s lounge of a truck shop right now.  Last night, in 25 degree weather, our alternator belt broke.  It not only powers the batteries, but since everything in our modern truck is electrical, it also powers nearly everything else, including the heater.  So what does this have to do with forced […]

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TD20: Oddball Trucking Weather

Unlike many Weather Channel addicts, I don’t keep an eye on the weather until the winter months roll around. And that’s why it can sometimes sneak up behind me with a 2 X 4 and give me a big WHAP! on the back of the head. Everyone on the planet has heard someone say, “If […]

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TD11: The Insanity Of Truck Idling Laws

TD11: The Insanity Of Truck Idling Laws

I know I said my next post would be about dispatchers, but I’ve got something fresh on my mind; mainly because it’s happening right now.  So please humor me. I’m guessing from the title that you can tell which of side of the argument I take when it comes to truck idling laws.  First off, […]

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