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I Love Me

TD97: A Trucker’s Worst Nemesis: Complacency

So… I got a new truck the other day. And of course, that means I’m all out-of-sorts. Even though my new ProStar looks exactly like my old one on the outside, the interior is slightly different. Just different enough in fact that I still bump my head on something or other at least once per day, usually […]

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TD89: Guest Post: Truckers With Sleep Apnea: How To Know If You Have It And What To Do About It. By Doug Thomas

Hey there, sleepy-head! Silly you to think you could just jump right into today’s guest post without me blabbing for a bit. You’ll never learn, will you? So you may be asking, “What’s up with another guest post, slacker?” Well, hopefully this will be my last one for a while. The new Web site is pretty dang close […]

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TD74: Doing Dallas

I’ve got an odd relationship with the city of Dallas. In my pre-trucking days, I loved it… well, most of the time anyway. Now that I’m a trucker, I like being in Dallas almost as much as I like being in the middle of West Texas when I have a surprise attack from the Kingdom […]

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TD72: Big Rig MacGyvering

The Evil Overlord and I have driven quite a few different trucks in our driving careers, but I’ve been through more than my fair share of trucks recently. It all started with “Hell Week 2: The Sequel” and continued with my most recent truck crapping out on me last week. I’ve also owned quite a few personal […]

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TD43: Go To Bed Angry

“Never go to bed angry” is a bit of relationship advice that you’ll get from every relationship guru on the planet. Clearly, these know-it-alls have never driven a team truck with a co-driver. Well, in my infinite knowledge *cough*, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to go to bed angry. Sometimes it’s even […]

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TD15: Truckers Have Entered Hunting Season

It’s that time of year again.  Truckers have entered hunting season.  Our prey is elusive so we must be alert.  They are quick so our reflexes must be sharp.  They are quiet so our hearing must be acute.  They are relentless so we must persevere.  Our prey?  The common household fly. It’s amazing how a […]

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TD14: The Joy And Dread of Home Time

TD14: The Joy And Dread of Home Time

As a long haul trucker, I go through a full array of emotions during one particular time of the month.  No, it’s not that.  I’m a male.  For me, “that time of the month” is my home time. The Evil Overlord and I have figured out that three weeks on the road together is about […]

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TD11: The Insanity Of Truck Idling Laws

TD11: The Insanity Of Truck Idling Laws

I know I said my next post would be about dispatchers, but I’ve got something fresh on my mind; mainly because it’s happening right now.  So please humor me. I’m guessing from the title that you can tell which of side of the argument I take when it comes to truck idling laws.  First off, […]

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