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TD39: When Planners Don’t

To continue from last week; Planners are the big ugly Oz behind the curtain of mystery. If you’ve got a beef about a load you’ve been given, they are completely unattainable. You can’t reach them directly by phone. Your dispatcher won’t transfer you to them. The office receptionist won’t transfer you either. There is only […]

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TD38: Trucking "Roles"

TD38: Trucking “Roles”

Dispatchers catch a lot of hell. Sometimes they deserve it; sometimes not. However, more often, I’m thinking that it’s the Planners that deserve to be flogged in the town square; not the dispatchers. Before I explain my loathing of Planners, perhaps I should lay out the job descriptions of each of the parties involved. At least […]

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TD17: Truck Dispatchers

Okay. I admit. I promised a post on dispatchers a few weeks back. Then I promptly forgot. I’m getting forgetful in my old age. So before I forget again, here it is. A blog post on. . . what was it? Oh yea. Dispatchers. Dispatchers. Fleet Managers. Fleet Supervisors. Whatever creative names they want to […]

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TD10: When Company Policy Overrides Common Sense

Anyone who has heard me speak of trucking knows that I always recommend the large national carriers to new drivers. I’ve got many reasons for doing so, but that still doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. Sometimes they leave me shaking my head like a bobblehead doll in a monster truck. Take this morning as an […]

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