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Photo by dave_hensley via Flickr

TD74: Doing Dallas

I’ve got an odd relationship with the city of Dallas. In my pre-trucking days, I loved it… well, most of the time anyway. Now that I’m a trucker, I like being in Dallas almost as much as I like being in the middle of West Texas when I have a surprise attack from the Kingdom […]

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Photo by pinkmoose

TD67: The Road To Smutville

Driving a truck nowadays is almost like having a subscription to Playboy. Well, I guess the billboards only show portions of the actual goods, so maybe it’s closer to Maxim. Any way you look at it though, today’s truck driver has waaaaay too many loads going to Smutville. Now I know what some of you […]

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TD56: Funkin’ Truckin’

If you’re here looking for a happy-go-lucky attitude, perhaps you should see if Elmo has started writing a blog over at Sesame Street. As long as he’s not doing an audio blog, you should be able to visit without causing any permanent hearing damage. What you’re going to get here is what I call a […]

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Someone is paranoid. Two bolt seals.


I was doing my pre-trip walk around inspection when I rounded the back corner of my trailer and saw a sight no driver wants to see.  The seal was broken on my trailer.  I knew immediately that someone had broken into the trailer while I slept.  The thoughtful thief had attempted to fool me by […]

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