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TD17: Truck Dispatchers

Okay. I admit. I promised a post on dispatchers a few weeks back. Then I promptly forgot. I’m getting forgetful in my old age. So before I forget again, here it is. A blog post on. . . what was it? Oh yea. Dispatchers. Dispatchers. Fleet Managers. Fleet Supervisors. Whatever creative names they want to […]

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TD16: A Miracle In Indiana

I’m a believer in God and I believe in miracles.  They are around us everyday.  According to the laws of physics, a bumblebee’s wings are too small to lift it off the ground; yet they do the job well enough to make you run away screaming like a little girl.  People are miraculously saved from […]

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TD15: Truckers Have Entered Hunting Season

It’s that time of year again.  Truckers have entered hunting season.  Our prey is elusive so we must be alert.  They are quick so our reflexes must be sharp.  They are quiet so our hearing must be acute.  They are relentless so we must persevere.  Our prey?  The common household fly. It’s amazing how a […]

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TD14: The Joy And Dread of Home Time

As a long haul trucker, I go through a full array of emotions during one particular time of the month.  No, it’s not that.  I’m a male.  For me, “that time of the month” is my home time. The Evil Overlord and I have figured out that three weeks on the road together is about […]

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TD13: Dealing With Down Time On The Road

I’m about to say something extremely profound. The economy sucks. Yes, I know that you all didn’t have a clue. I know that without my great wisdom and insight, you would have never known. Don’t thank me. I’m sure you would have found out eventually. Seriously, the economy is hitting America like a mobster with […]

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No really... relax.

TD12: A Lazy Day

Well, It’s Easter and Master’s Sunday and we still don’t have a load. Even so, I’m finding it hard to complain. Phil and Tiger are coming down the stretch with a shot at winning and I’m feeling lazy. So, as requested by Jennifer, today you’re getting some more pictures instead of my blabbering. Enjoy! Click […]

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TD11: The Insanity Of Truck Idling Laws

I know I said my next post would be about dispatchers, but I’ve got something fresh on my mind; mainly because it’s happening right now.  So please humor me. I’m guessing from the title that you can tell which of side of the argument I take when it comes to truck idling laws.  First off, […]

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TD10: When Company Policy Overrides Common Sense

Anyone who has heard me speak of trucking knows that I always recommend the large national carriers to new drivers. I’ve got many reasons for doing so, but that still doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. Sometimes they leave me shaking my head like a bobblehead doll in a monster truck. Take this morning as an […]

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