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Gobble, Gobble

TD78: A Trucker’s Thanksgiving

Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s time to slap-fight your siblings for the drumstick and have spoon duels over the last dollop of Cool Whip, because we all know pumpkin pie just ain’t right until you can’t see the plate beneath the pie. More importantly though, it’s time to look around us and […]

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TD35: No Guarantees in Trucking

TD35: No Guarantees in Trucking

The trucking industry might offer you a lot of things, but guarantees aren’t one of them. There’s plenty of “we’ll do what we can’s” and “let’s see how it pans out” type statements, but nothing is set in stone. I think “set in pudding” is closer to the mark. As I write this post, I’m […]

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Courtesy of LIfe Is Crap(r)

TD7: Life Is Crap

Watch out! The Life is good.® people have got some competition.  The Evil Overlord and I were in a truck stop near Missoula, Montana when we ran across an entire wall of Life is crap.® merchandise.  Yes, you heard me right.  They use the stick figure design and everything.  Leave it up to Americans to take […]

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