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Fuel bays

TD107: The Fuel Bay Golden Rule

We all know the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (or some variant thereof). This rule applies to every aspect of your life. Anyone who says otherwise should be forced to eat my fresh loogies from a spoon. The trucking industry is a part of your life, so […]

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PeopleNet E-log device

TD61: E-logs: My First Impression

Despite the fact that I’ve been driving for 13 years, I made a bonehead rookie mistake yesterday. It was especially unfortunate since it probably would have been covered if it didn’t coincide with my first day running with e-logs. But first… what are e-logs? E-logs are electronic logs. For more details, you may want to […]

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TD34: Why I Do This

Most everyday on my Twitter account.  I post a little ditty about trucking.  Here was my post from a couple of days ago: Daily Trucking Tidbit: As you do your Christmas shopping today, remember that every item you see was delivered by a truck driver. That’s seems fairly benign, doesn’t it?  Well, for this, I […]

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Photo by V&A Steamworks

TD27: Hauling Hazardous Materials

Wow.  What a great title.  I put soooo much thought into that.  Hazardous Materials, or HazMat for short is part of the big, bad, scary side of trucking.  Or is it?  What are Hazardous Materials, what does it take to haul them, and how dangerous are they? First, the technical definition.  A Hazardous Material is […]

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TD25: Super High-Value Loads

The length I go to just to bring you a story. . . I can only hope you appreciate the danger I’m putting myself into.  Someone probably has my forehead in the cross-hairs of a high-powered sniper rifle right now. Okay, perhaps that’s just a taaaad bit of an exaggeration.  While the company I drive […]

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Photo by futureatlas.com via Flickr

TD23: Too Stupid To Fuel?

A couple of days ago, I was reminded of something that I had known for years, but had totally forgotten.  It seems that the good citizens of Oregon (and all passers-by) are apparently too stupid to put fuel in their own vehicles.  At least that’s what the state’s lawmakers think. As usual, I was wandering […]

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