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TD112: Truckers Can’t Read

According to the FMCSA website, “You must be able t speak and read English to drive trucks in the United States (I had linked to the goof, but they apparently fixed it).” You know, I think this is one of those times where the word “ironic” actually works. Notice anything about this sentence? Yep. Our brilliant overseers […]

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TD60: Truckers vs. Cops vs. DOT vs. Carriers

There is a constant unseen battle going on in the trucking industry. It’s like the movie “Alien vs. Predator,” only with two more factions that rear back their ugly heads and roar. Perhaps someone should make a massive online video game about it. It could be called Truckers vs. Cops vs. DOT vs. Carriers. I’d […]

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TD57: Really? A Good Dispatcher?

Okay. Let’s start this out by explaining something to my non-trucking readers. You drivers out there can zone out for a second. As if you weren’t doing that already. When you drive a satellite-equipped truck, here’s the way the dispatching process is supposed to work: Your satellite unit beeps at you. If your company believes […]

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TD53: Lunar Driving As A Trucker

Here’s a heads-up to any prospective drivers out there. If you think Over-The-Road (OTR) trucking is a 9-to-5 job, you’re gonna be more disappointed than a stoner with a bag of oregano. We have a name for you folks: Solar drivers. Solar drivers are guys or gals who only like to run during the daylight. […]

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TD45: Riding Along With A Trucker

I like Lucinda. Not only is her name really close to The Evil Overlord’s name (Lorinda), but she was also kind enough to drop by, read “Go to bed angry” , and leave a comment. I love getting comments, largely because it means someone other than my mom is reading the blog. So here’s what […]

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TD39: When Planners Don’t

To continue from last week; Planners are the big ugly Oz behind the curtain of mystery. If you’ve got a beef about a load you’ve been given, they are completely unattainable. You can’t reach them directly by phone. Your dispatcher won’t transfer you to them. The office receptionist won’t transfer you either. There is only […]

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TD35: No Guarantees in Trucking

TD35: No Guarantees in Trucking

The trucking industry might offer you a lot of things, but guarantees aren’t one of them. There’s plenty of “we’ll do what we can’s” and “let’s see how it pans out” type statements, but nothing is set in stone. I think “set in pudding” is closer to the mark. As I write this post, I’m […]

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TD31: Is Forced Dispatch Forced?

I’m sitting in the driver’s lounge of a truck shop right now.  Last night, in 25 degree weather, our alternator belt broke.  It not only powers the batteries, but since everything in our modern truck is electrical, it also powers nearly everything else, including the heater.  So what does this have to do with forced […]

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TD10: When Company Policy Overrides Common Sense

TD10: When Company Policy Overrides Common Sense

Anyone who has heard me speak of trucking knows that I always recommend the large national carriers to new drivers. I’ve got many reasons for doing so, but that still doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. Sometimes they leave me shaking my head like a bobblehead doll in a monster truck. Take this morning as an […]

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