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Dork alert! FYI: My name isn’t Alfalfa. That’s a faux hawk.

Hello there! My name is Todd McCann. I’m 49 years old and I’ve been married to a chick named Lorinda (lovingly referred to as The Evil Overlord) since 1993. I’ve been driving the big rigs since 1997. The Evil Overlord has been my co-driver and antagonist most of that time, so I’ve got experience with both solo and team driving. We have always been company drivers and have never owned our own truck, so if you’re interested in becoming an O/O (owner/operator), you’re in the wrong place. I could tell you a little bit about it if you asked me outright, but when it comes to details I’d be as clueless as a hillbilly on a golf course.

Speaking of golf courses, golfing is one of my hobbies. At least it is when I get the time to do it. It’s a little hard when you drive a truck for a living. I like golfing so much that I always spend an extra hour or two on the course looking for my ball.

I’m also a tech junkie and an unapologetic die-hard Apple fan boy. The Evil Overlord and I love our iPhones and our 15″ MacBook Pros. Hopefully we’ll both be the proud owners of a shiny new pair of iPads soon. I’ll be giving out cigars when that happens. Also, I’ll go on record saying that I’d rather have my tongue slowly chewed out by a subway rat than ever use another Windows machine again.

I also used to be a lead singer in a cover band back in the early 90’s. You can check out a video of us doing Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Pardon the cursing. I’m not nearly as good as I used to be, but I still dabble a bit over at Singsnap. I believe a do a fairly good version of Faithfully by Journey. Blame the Internet for the video lag. And please blame your hearing loss on your spouses incessant nagging.

As far as family goes, The Evil Overlord and I elected to be selfish and forego having kids. We’ll probably regret that decision when we’re whizzing in our nursing home beds, but for now we’re enjoying the heck out of our nephews. The eldest is my brother’s boy, Cody. Unfortunately, he lives with his mom in another state, so we rarely get to see him. The other three, Jacob, Jared, and Joel, I sometimes wish lived in another state. LOL Kidding. They used to think I was the coolest guy on the planet, but unfortunately they’ve grown into know-it-all teenagers who know better now. Bummer. Had them fooled for a while. What’s great about having nephews is that we can have them over for a visit any time we want… and even better, we can send them packing when they get annoying.

Finally, and most importantly, I’m a Christian dude who isn’t stuffy, overbearing, hateful, or a prude. I won’t even flinch if you drop an F-bomb on me, largely because I used to drop them like a B-52 drops scatter bombs. Yes, Christians like this do exist. And in case you’re worried about it, I won’t cram God down your throat, meaning I rarely talk about religion in the podcast/blog. Now having said that, if you’d like to talk about it, feel free to email me using the link below. I enjoy discussing my faith with people who can have an intelligent conversation without resorting to name-calling and insults.

If you’re feeling spunky, you can leave your comments, suggestions or opinions by going to the Contact page. Thanks for dropping in!

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